Bingo Sites that Accept Paypal

When playing bingo online you will of course need to find a banking option that will enable you to make deposits into your account in real time and also a banking method that will allow you to access your winnings quickly and without any fuss.

Whilst there are plenty of different options available to you at all of our featured bingo sites, you may be interested to learn that all UK based players are going to be able to use the Paypal e-wallet as their preferred deposit and withdrawal option.paypal

Paypal is used by millions of people every single day of the week, and it is a way that you can send money around with web in a very cost effective way, and all  you will need to have to sign up to their e-wallet is an email address.

However, due to restrictions imposed by Paypal only a small select number of their customers, based in a handful of different countries are permitted to use their accounts to fund any type of gambling site account, and the United Kingdom is one of those countries.

What we have found is that many people tend to keep their bingo playing budget and general gambling bankroll in their Paypal account, as by doing so it is separate from their bank account, so they will always be able to keep those funds away from their day to day living expenses and savings.

Benefits of Using Paypal as a Bingo Site Banking Option

Let us now give you an overview of the benefits of using Paypal as your preferred banking option. If you are interested in doing so we have plenty of top rated bingo sites that accept Paypal listed throughout our website, and several of them are offering some very large sign up bonuses to new players!

Deposits Instantly Processed – As soon as you make a deposit using Paypal those deposits will be added to your account instantly, as long as you have enough funds in your Paypal account that is! Even if you don’t, you will still be able to top up your account quickly and with no fuss by using a range of different banking options.

Rapid Winning Payouts – Winning payouts will be sent to your Paypal account as soon as they have been processed by the bingo site, and as such once sent your winnings will be available to use in your Paypal account in seconds.

Access to your Money 24/7 – One thing you will find when using Paypal is that you always have access to your money 24 hours a day. If you wish to withdraw any funds held in your Paypal account you can request they are sent to your bank account.

As the UK have the speedy banking system in place your withdrawals will show up in your bank account in seconds after you have requested a withdrawal! However, Paypal also offer UK residents a prepaid debit card which you can link up to your Paypal account and as such then use that card to withdrawal money from an ATM or use it is any shop or retail outlet.

Paypal Bingo Bonuses – Bonuses are going to be showered upon you at any bingo site that accepts Paypal and as such you will find new player bonuses can be snapped up and ongoing promotional offers including high valued deposit match bonuses will also be available to you.

So have a good look around our website for details of our exclusive range of bingo bonuses that you are more than welcome to make use of and claim!

Bingo Sites with Chain Mail Slot

There are two versions of the Chain Mail bingo slot game you may find available when playing at some online bingo sites, the Chain Mail slot is the original version that boasts a quite exciting type of playing structure. When playing the base game, you could trigger a special picking type of bonus game on which you could end up winning some very large amounts of cash in an instant.

You will always get to pick and choose just what slot games you can play if you do fancy playing them if you make the wise decision of playing online at our showcased bingo sites with the Chain Mail HD slot listed as an available slot. Please see what this slot game could award you with or offer you by reading through this review in its entirety.

20 Fixed Pay Lines – The Chain Mail HD slot game is a multi-stake and multi pay line video slot and when playing it you are able to play from one single or up to twenty lines per spin.

Wild Multiplier Symbol – There are wild symbols in play on every single one of the five video reels of this slot game, and they will not only help you form additional winning payouts but every single payout they have helped you complete via the base game is going to be doubled in value instantly!chain mail slot

6,000 Coin Jackpot – The logo symbols can be spun in on any reel at any time, however if you ever do see all five of those reel symbols landing onto one single payline, if you have put that pay line into live play then you will be rewarded with a jackpot payout worth 6000 coins for each coin you wagered on that pay line, so if you can play for higher stake amounts!

Multi Stage Pick and Win Feature – There are bonus symbols only on reels one, three and five of this slot game and when you get all three of them in vie won any of those reels a multi-stage picking game is then on offer to you, make it to the final stage of that picking game and you could end up winning some very large amounts of cash!

Fast Play Option – As with a large number of Microgaming designed slot games available at many different online and mobile bingo sets, this Chain Mail HD slot offer you a fats play option which when put into live play greatly speeds up the rate at which you can then play off each spin!

Please do consider signing up to any of the bingo sites we have handpicked for you are fully reviewed throughout our website, for by doing so you are going to find plenty of them on offer that will give you all manner of high valued bonuses, and those bingo sites that have the Chain Mail slot will be giving you access to a slot such as this one which has a payout percentage of 95.09%.

Bingo Sites with Bullseye Slot

There are two different slot game designed by Microgaming called Bullseye, however it is this second slot in the series that we think you are going to love playing the most. This is a multi-stake video slot which as you can see from its design is themed around the cult TV Game Show of the same name, read on for a full overview of all that it has to offer you!

If you sign up right now to any of the bingo sites with the Bullseye slot on offer that we have chosen to list throughout our website you can test this slot game out for free, but you will always find plenty of bonuses will be made available if you choose to play it for real money. The main features and the overall playing structure of this colourful looking slot can be found below.

243 Ways to Win – The Bullseye slot forces you to have to play a minimum of some 50 coins, however that stake will see you having a huge 243 ways to win in play on each spin.bulls eye slot

Stacked Wild Symbols – To make this slot as very exciting as is possible what Microgaming have done instead of putting standard wild symbols on its reels you will find the that the wild reel symbols are actually stacked on top of each other, and those symbols are the Bully symbols so the more of them that spin in on top of each other the more chances of winning you will then naturally have!

500 Coin Jackpot – The star reel symbols on this slot game are of course the great looking Bully symbols, and by you getting at the very least one of those symbols on any reel position on each of the five video reels you ill then win a 500 coin jackpot, so the more of them that spin in the more jackpot paying winning combinations you will form!

Dart Throwing Bonus Game – To get to play off a dart throwing based feature game on this slot you have to see a bonus symbol landing on any reel position on the first reel but then also in that very same spin another bonus symbols must land on any reel potions on the fifth and last reel too, and when they do spin in together the bonus game feature round Is then awarded to you instantly.

15 Free Spins x 2 – There are also a set of free spins waiting to come your way when you play this slot game and the way in which that bonus game is triggered is simply by you spinning in at the very lets three of the scatter symbols, and when you do so your reward is a set of 15 initial free spins on which any and all winning payouts achieved are going to be doubled in value.

Multiple different bonuses are going to be on offer to you if you make what we know will be a very wise move in signing up to any of the bingo sites that have the Bullseye slot on offer you will find showcased and listed throughout our website. Plus, as this slot has a payout percentage of 96.04% you should get plenty of fun when playing it and those winning spins should keep on hitting too!

Bingo Sites With Angels Touch

If you have some time and money to spend, slot games are a fun and easy way to experience the thrill of being in a casino without troubling yourself with the intricacies of more difficult games like blackjack. Slot games are practically the poster boys for games of chance – the ONLY thing that can help you win is sheer good luck! The Angel’s Touch online slot game is a popular and enjoyable specimen falling under this category and we have brought you the best bingo sites with Angels Touch slot to play at below.

This game, developed by Lightning box, is definitely worth your time. While it is rather old-fashioned, Angels Touch Slot has an antique charm and engaging visuals, along with some silly sound effects that will buoy your spirits.


Games with 40 payline slots at online casinos are rare, but Angel’s Touch is one of the blessed few. It has 5 reels and includes free spins, wild and scatter symbols but nounfortunately no bonus symbols. The minimum bet you can make is a single coin, while the maximum is 40. It has a multiplier as well as an autoplay option.angels touch slot logo

And the million dollar question (figuratively) – how much is the jackpot worth? Well, the answer is a whopping 8000 coins. You can try your hand at this online slot game at several online casinos like InterCasino, Red Queen Casino and MammaMiaBingo and Casino.

Reels that will leave you reeling

As I’ve already mentioned, Angels Touch Slot is a slot game with 40 paylines. With five video reels, the odds of you winning are definitely in your favor. The reels are set on a backdrop of the pearly gates of heaven i.e the place where you win the jackpot, and your luck determines whether or not you will enter this otherworldly place!

Coin settings

An advantage of the Angels Touch Slot game is the flexibility offered by the coin settings. They can be changed when you play with actual money in the real money mode. According to the amount of money you are willing to spend on Angel’s Touch, you can make yours either a high stake slot or a low stake one. It helps you customize the game to suit your playing style.

What you can win?

Your winnings are dependent on the number of coins you decide to invest in each payline at the beginning. Thus, when you play more coins, you stand to win larger and larger amounts. The frequency and position of your Jackpot symbols determine whether you get a winning payout or not. If you get two to five Jackpot symbols on any activated payline, reel one onwards, you can make big bucks at the cost of only one coin per spin. Two will get you 5 coins, three will get you a hundred, four will fetch a thousand and with five – JACKPOT!

The symbols

The simple yet shiny Angel’s Touch online slot game has three higher value symbols, one jackpot or Wild one and one Scatter symbol, along with varied symbols signifying lower values. These lower value icons are your typical glittery playing card signs, Aces and all. The higher value symbols are of a far more divine nature, so to speak. They take the form of a horn, a polished harp, and a bell adorned with a red ribbon.

The Wild card, the one you want your guardian angels to bless you with, is a pair of celestial golden wings. Pray you get these in a row!

The Scatter symbol is an angel in a barely-there outfit, reclining in a come-hither pose. This racy icon has the power to win you bonus mini-games, extras, and free spins.

The Bonus

The bountiful touch of an angel, i.e. three of more Scatter symbols anywhere on the reels, unlocks this feature. You will have to try your luck with eight clouds in the mini-game and see what they have in store for you. You can get increased multipliers, and revealing a bell and a harp will make them Wild for the rest of your game.

The appearance of two devils from behind the clouds terminates this game and returns you to the slot machine.

To play or not to play?

I’d say, go for it! It’s amusing and exciting, with catchy and loud graphics and sound. Angel’s Touch is certainly an entertaining slot game, so pray for the angel’s touch and dive in!

Bingo Sites With Ghostbusters Slots

The GhostBusters slot game is far from your average five reel slot game, and this quickly becomes obvious once you have played the game for the first few minutes. This game is based on the 1984 GhostBusters film and features all of the major characters from the franchise, including the fan favourite Slimer. The theme is a big draw for anyone who was a fan of this cult classic film. The GhostBusters slot game is a middle to low variance slot game, which means that you get a lot of gameplay for the amount that you put up as stakes. However, this also means that the odds of winning over one hundred times your stake are extremely low. Take a look below at our full review and at the bingo sites with Ghostbusters slot that we have selected for you to play at.

The game has numerous random features, as well as two different bonus rounds. These bonus features and rounds is where the Slimer character is the star. He is the main character in one of the two bonus rounds and also provides the random features in normal gameplay. He will randomly award you cash prizes, multipliers for the payline or transform the wheels into slime, which makes them into stacked wilds.

Slimer is also one of this game’s Wild Symbols, the other being a ghostly lady, and both of them appear on any of the five reels that are in play. The symbol of the ghostly lady will randomly spread out across the board when she turns up, which will provide a potential for bigger payouts.ghostbusters slot screen shot

The first of the bonus rounds that is available for activation is called Ballroom Busters, and it is based on the scene where the GhostBusters first meet Slimer. It is awarded when you hit two GhostBusters symbols on the second and third reels, and on the fourth reel also hit the Slimer Bonus symbol. This is a basic pick and choose round, where you decide to proton blast a number of objects, such as chandeliers and tables in the ballroom. You get five tries, and for each object that you blast either nothing is revealed or Slimer is captured, and your payout is awarded.

The second bonus round is called StayPuft Free Spins. This round gets awarded as a result of hitting the Mr StayPuft Bonus symbol on your fourth reel and two GhostBusters symbols on your third and second reels. This bonus round offers eight free spins, with marshmallows dropping from above for each spin of the reels, which makes some symbols turn into roasting marshmallows and become the wild symbols. The StayPuft Free Spins round is the more fun to play and the most rewarding of the two bonus rounds.

Overall the game is a lot of fun to play even if the payouts aren’t that high. Probably the biggest draw for most people will be the references to the beloved GhostBusters franchise, which pairs well with the general fun of the gameplay itself. The high odds make for a lot of gametime, but the low reward cap can be frustrating for players who like to have that jackpot feel in their slots games. Your enjoyment of the GhostBusters slot game will depend on what you look for in your slot games, but everyone who loves the franchise needs to give this game a chance, even if just to see their favourite film character Slimer in action. If you know of any bingo sites that have Ghostbusters slot that we’ve missed out then please drop us a line and we’ll get it added to the list.

Bingo Sites With Aloha Cluster Pays Slots

Net Entertainment offers the Aloha Cluster Pays slot game with five rows and six reels. It is available for playing on all mobile, desktop and tablet devices, and you can spin all you like for as low as 10p per spin, or for up to £200. The game provides a tropical island environment, featuring a happy Tiki in the middle of all the action. Be sure to catch the erupting volcano in the background when you score those winning combos. Below we have highlighted out top pick of all the bingo sites to feature Aloha Cluster Pays.

The game employs a Cluster Pays mechanic that does not have a payline. You win by making a cluster of the symbols, and getting the same symbol in greater numbers will increase the size of the cluster. It requires at least nine matching symbols for a winning cluster, and a symbol is in a cluster when it is vertically or horizontally adjacent to a matching symbol. They also feature stacked symbols that count as two when calculating clusters.

Only in the basic game a win has a random chance of activating a Sticky Win Re-Spins, where the winning cluster symbols are kept and the other symbols are re-spun. aloha cluster pays slot netentIf the size of the winning cluster increases, then those new matching symbols will also stay if an additional re-spin is awarded. This process will continue until you do not get any symbols that match the cluster or the entire screen is filled with symbols from that cluster. There is also a Substitution symbol that will transform itself into an adjacent symbol that adds to the biggest cluster.

There is also a Free Spins feature that gets triggered when you have three or greater free spin symbols: three symbols gives you nine more free spins, four gets you ten more, five gets you eleven more, and six will get you twelve more free spins. The Free Spins feature also benefits from the mechanic of Symbol Drop, where the low-win symbols get removed. This feature will increase the potential for winning on the rest of your free spins. Keep an eye out for additional free spin symbols, since three gives one additional free spin, four gives you two more, five gives you three more, and six free spin symbols during a free spin gets you four more free spins.

This all adds up to a potential of sixty total available free spins. Moreover, if there is not a win on your last free spin, then you get another free spin until a winning combination is achieved.

There are various bingo sites with Aloha Cluster Pays slot and the game features a lot of action at once, but is simple to play when you get the hang of it. It has a medium variance that makes for nicely balanced gameplay. A huge plus for this game is that you can win up to two thousand times your initial bet on every single spin, so you always have that underlying sense of excitement from a big jackpot. The gameplay differs from a lot of other online slot games, which is a big draw if you love slots, but are sick of the same old variations. The high degree of variety from the additional features makes each spin exciting and unique. Overall this is a great online slots game, and you will definitely end up killing many hours with a fun and rewarding experience in a tropical gambler’s paradise. So check out bonuses at the bingo sites with Aloha Cluster Pays slot which we have sought out for you to play at!…